Silent disco for patients

February 23, 2018

Patients at Bentley Hospital have recently been rocking out to a silent disco.

The patients listen to music through wireless headphones which enables them to enjoy the music without disrupting others on the ward. The music selected is played through any music device across three different channels, meaning different songs can play throughout the experience with the user having control over what channel they decide to listen to.

The groups are run by Occupational Therapists in the inpatient program and began in November last year with the purpose of providing music to all patients within the adult mental health inpatient wards.

Occupational Therapist Jayden Pileggi said the silent disco concept was started to observe and assess whether music can have a positive impact on consumers in a mental health inpatient setting.

“The objective is to run groups to find out how music impacts the patients with the hope of identifying some positive outcomes,” Jayden said.

“We’ve trialled different kinds of audio through the silent disco headphones including music quizzes, dancing groups and relaxation.”

“The groups are held every Monday and Tuesday however the headsets can be made available at any time a patient requests. This ensures consumer satisfaction on the wards is maintained to a high standard.”

“The silent disco headsets have been met with positive feedback, particularly on the involuntary ward where headsets have been made available to patients to listen to music.”

“The music provides an activity to keep busy, a coping strategy to block out auditory hallucinations and provides some pleasant stimulus amongst a ward that can be loud at times. The headsets not only enable users to listen to music but also block out some of the other noise on some wards.”

“The music made available has created a fun and social environment on the wards.”

Rather than a speaker system, music is broadcast via a radio transmitter with the signal being picked up by wireless headphone receivers worn by the participants.

Bentley Hospital is the first hospital to trial silent disco and the trial will run for 10 weeks.

The trial has been taking place on adult mental health wards including both the voluntary and involuntary wards. The age group for users is 18+ with the headsets being used across the adult mental health inpatient setting as well as the older adult inpatient setting (65+).